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When the Community Takes to the Streets... and Cleans Them
On Saturday, we celebrated the 5th Annual Greater Englewood Unity Day. Check out the highlights here...
"New Englewood High School Should Combine 4 Schools Into Robeson, Group Says"
"The proposal comes as schools in Englewood are showing improvement, according to the presentation. Schools in "good standing" rose by 20 percent, while the number students performing at grade level…
Quality of Life Housing Taskforce: CCNRA Planning Session
In January, Commissioner Richard Boykin introduced legislation to provide free homes to city public safety and education employees. These homes would be located within five pilot areas, including…
Englewood Quality of Life Plan All Task Force Quarterly Meeting
The Englewood Quality of Life Plan II has been published and will be distributed at the Englewood Quality of Life All Task Force Quarterly meeting March 7, 2017

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