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Teamwork Englewood 2017 Spotlight
The year 2017 was a great year of progress, and expansion for Teamwork Englewood. Check out what we were able to accomplish and the strong foundation we'll build upon for 2018.
EWI & KKC Collaboration for "Unity Day"
Kennedy-King College Launches Economic Empowerment Initiative for Englewood Women with Teamwork Englewood and the Englewood Women's Initiative.
Englewood Quality of Life Plan II Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary
The Englewood Quality of Life Plan turns one! Join us at our final quarterly meeting of 2017. Click here to RSVP.
Englewood Business Plan Competition Makes Accommodations for Entrepreneurs
After 143 Englewood Business Plan Competition Applications, and 45 submitted business plans, 22 finalists have been selected to advance to phase two.

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