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Englewood Codes

Teamwork Englewood 2017 Spotlight
The year 2017 was a great year of progress, and expansion for Teamwork Englewood. Check out what we were able to accomplish and the strong foundation we'll build upon for 2018.
[Youth Speak] I don't mean to brag but... allow me to for a second
Coding allows you to do more than construct a virtual world, it allows you to build a vision and your future, in your reality. Read this testimonial by former youth participant in Englewood Codes.
[Youth Speak] I've learned more from"Englewood Codes" than coding
The Englewood Codes program partnered with Project Tech Teens, as an After School Matters site. We're featuring one of our program participants, Terrence Dantzler.
Englewood Codes Demo Day
Students from Perkins Bass Elementary and Nicholson STEM Academy presented their apps they created during a 10-week coding afterschool program.