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Englewood and North Lawndale Police Youth Baseball Leagues Compete in 1st Annual Police Youth Baseball League All-Star Game

On Saturday August 12th, 2017, the Englewood Police Youth Baseball League (EPYBL) and North Lawndale Police Youth Baseball League (NLPYBL) will participate in the 1st Annual Police Youth Baseball League All-Star Game. 

[Youth Speak] I don't mean to brag but... allow me to for a second

Coding allows you to do more than construct a virtual world, it allows you to build a vision and your future, in your reality. Read this testimonial by former youth participant in Englewood Codes. 

"Englewood Women's Initiative"

The Englewood Women's Initiative is featured in the "West of the Ryan Current". Check it out here!

"Tiny Homes" are coming to Englewood to address youth homelessness

La Casa Norte & Pride Policy Tank, hosted a "Tiny Towns" community meeting yesterday at  in iGrow Chicago in the West Englewood Neighborhood. 

[Youth Speak] I've learned more from"Englewood Codes" than coding

The Englewood Codes program partnered with Project Tech Teens, as an After School Matters site. We're featuring one of our program participants, Terrence Dantzler.

The TWE Team is Expanding

Teamwork Englewood is pleased to introduce the newest member of our team, Ms. Morgan Malone, QLP Project Manager and Mr. Chauncey P. Harrison as our Special Initiatives Project Coordinator for Public Safety. Let's welcome them warmly!

Englewood Women's Intiative Kick Off

The Englewood Women's Initiative kicked off was a complete success. With an attendance of about 50 women, EWI plans to prepare them to make their families more economically stable. 

City of Chicago "Thrive Zones" Helps Englewood Thrive

Nine businesses, new and existing, are recipients of the City of Chicago Thrive Zone funding.

Englewood Women's Initiative Provides Pathway to Stable Jobs and Careers

This is an opportunity to provide Englewood female with training and opportunities for economic stability. 

Englewood Women's Initiative Provides Pathway to Stable Jobs and Careers

This is an opportunity to provide Englewood female with training and opportunities for economic stability. 

EPAC Hosts Its Inaugural Meeting

The Englewood Planning Advisory Council (EPAC) is a subcommitee of the Englewood Quality of Life Housing & Public Spaces Taskforce. It held it's inaugural advisory meeting on Thursday June 15th.

*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* Englewood Youth Police Baseball League Opening

On Thursday June 29, 2017 at 4PM, the Englewood Youth Police Baseball League will host its season opener!

Englewood Quality of Life Quarterly Meeting

The Quality of Life Plan hosted its second quarterly meeting. Check out what we've been up to the past few months. 

Englewood Codes Demo Day

Students from Perkins Bass Elementary and Nicholson STEM Academy presented their apps they created during a 10-week coding afterschool program.

Englewood Quality of Life Public Safety Taskforce “Rocks the Beat”!

The Englewood Quality of Life Public Safety Taskforce secures funding to promote safe and supportive communities this summer. 

"Welcome to Englewood" Sign Unveiling

"It’s the first documented sign here in the Englewood Community. I listened to my residents. I went on a listening tour. I went around and asked my residents what do they want to see happen in this community with this fund from LISC Chicago. One of the things they suggested was a landmark sign to express the good in Englewood to bring about beautification." Rashanah Baldwin

Batter Up! Englewood Police Youth Baseball League!

The brisk spring afternoon didn't stop our kids from their first day of practice.

Juan Salgado, CCC Chancellor, Comes to Kennedy King College in Englewood on First Day

"We face unprecented budget restraints. City colleges has been treching $70M in stalemate in the last three years. Its a lot to overcome. And yet, we must ensure that these harsh realities do not harshen our students' experiences, or limit their access."

When the Community Takes to the Streets... and Cleans Them

On Saturday, we celebrated the 5th Annual Greater Englewood Unity Day. Check out the highlights here...

"New Englewood High School Should Combine 4 Schools Into Robeson, Group Says"

"The proposal comes as schools in Englewood are showing improvement, according to the presentation. Schools in "good standing" rose by 20 percent, while the number students performing at grade level has been trending upward for three years in a row."

Quality of Life Housing Taskforce: CCNRA Planning Session

In January, Commissioner Richard Boykin introduced legislation to provide free homes to city public safety and education employees. These homes would be located within five pilot areas, including Englewood. While the intent was to improve the economic vitality of our communities, we are being left out on of the the sole beneficiaries. 

Englewood Quality of Life Plan All Task Force Quarterly Meeting

The Englewood Quality of Life Plan II has been published and will be distributed at the Englewood Quality of Life All Task Force Quarterly meeting March 7, 2017

Teamwork Englewood a Year in Review : 2016- 2017

Teamwork Englewood over the year of 2016 has had many highs engaging residents, elected official, developers as wells as other stakeholders in a vision of “Development without Displacement” in Englewood.

Large Lot Program

Large Lot applicants have until January 31 to submit applications to purchase up to two vacant lots on the block where they currently own land or property for $1-ONE DOLLAR!

Large Lots in Englewood – Vision and Hard Work Create New Community Assets

Through a City of Chicago-sponsored Large Lots Program, residents of Englewood have the opportunity to revitalize their blocks by purchasing vacant spaces for a single dollar.

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