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When the Community Takes to the Streets... and Cleans Them

On Saturday, we celebrated the 5th Annual Greater Englewood Unity Day. Check out the highlights here...

"New Englewood High School Should Combine 4 Schools Into Robeson, Group Says"

"The proposal comes as schools in Englewood are showing improvement, according to the presentation. Schools in "good standing" rose by 20 percent, while the number students performing at grade level has been trending upward for three years in a row."

Quality of Life Housing Taskforce: CCNRA Planning Session

In January, Commissioner Richard Boykin introduced legislation to provide free homes to city public safety and education employees. These homes would be located within five pilot areas, including Englewood. While the intent was to improve the economic vitality of our communities, we are being left out on of the the sole beneficiaries. 

Englewood Quality of Life Plan All Task Force Quarterly Meeting

The Englewood Quality of Life Plan II has been published and will be distributed at the Englewood Quality of Life All Task Force Quarterly meeting March 7, 2017

Teamwork Englewood a Year in Review : 2016- 2017

Teamwork Englewood over the year of 2016 has had many highs engaging residents, elected official, developers as wells as other stakeholders in a vision of “Development without Displacement” in Englewood.

Large Lot Program

Large Lot applicants have until January 31 to submit applications to purchase up to two vacant lots on the block where they currently own land or property for $1-ONE DOLLAR!

Large Lots in Englewood – Vision and Hard Work Create New Community Assets

Through a City of Chicago-sponsored Large Lots Program, residents of Englewood have the opportunity to revitalize their blocks by purchasing vacant spaces for a single dollar.

Orginally Published by LISC- Chicago's Annie Grossinger at

Teamwork Englewood Presented Englewood Entrepreneurs with $40,000 in Small Business Grants During “Pitch Day” Competition.

The top three $10,000 small grant winners of the Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan Competition offered a variety of new business ideas for Englewood during the culminating “Pitch Day” event on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at Teamwork Englewood.

City of Chicago Re-Opens the Large Lots Program

The sixth Large Lot Program is open throughout the South and West sides of Chicago. Applications will be accepted beginning Nov 29th, 2016. The application period will end on January 31st, 2017 at midnightApply for a lot today!

Englewood Quality of Life Business Competition Finalist

The Englewood Quality of Life Business Competiton is fully underway. 

Check out our amazing Finalist! 

Englewood You Make Us Proud

Thank you Englewood and the larger Chicago community . The Englewood Quality of Life Fund #GivingTuesday campaign was a success. 

Teamwork Englewood Cause and Effect Fundraiser

Support Teamwork Englewood with Chipolte's "Cause and Effect"  Fundrasier

Englewood Quality of life Fund Launches

Asiaha Butler, President of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.), announces the launch of the community’s #GivingTuesday fundraiser to support youth and beautification programs. Donations can be made at Photo Credit: Gordon Walek/LISC

You're Invited to the Englewood Quality of Life Business Competition Finale

You are invited to join Walter Robb, Co-CEO Whole Foods Market and a blue ribbon panel of judges for the final awards presentation event for the 2016 Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan Competition’s Pitch Day!

Englewood Quality of Life Summit

The Englewood Quality of Life Summit is happening this Satuday Nov. 12th at Lindblom Highschool , 6130 S. Wolcott. from 10am-1pm.

Englewood Votes! Informed with Ballot Ready

On November 8, 2016 show up to the polls in numbers and vote informed with the help of Ballot Ready.

Englewood Business Plan Competition reaches Phase III

Teamwork Englewood Business Plan Competition is entering Phase III. Applicants have gotten feedback and are looking to have a strong showing on December 15th.

Teamwork Black Coffee Fundraiser

Teamwork Englewood invites you to the launch of the “BLACK Coffee” Internet fundraiser, a unique online fundraising event to support our commitment to serve and address the needs of the Englewood community.

Video:Whole Foods Market Englewood

A repost from the Six Ward Blog, we see the new Englewood Whole Foods up close.

A Home going for a Comunity Leaders and Steward

Teamwork Englewood is mourning the passing of a community legend and steward, Ms.Davis

Join Us for Resume Workshop on Oct. 3rd

Teamwork Englewood is hosting a resume workshop  on Oct. 3rd 

Englewood Quality of Life Plan Taskforce Meeting Updates

The Englewood Quality of Life Taskforce meeting is hosting a November Community Summit . There taskforce members will have an opporutnity to review efforts of the early action plans as well as further co-author developments to support the 5 community  issue areas drafted by this process. 

Development without Displacement - McCormick Foundation

Teamwork Englewood's Perry Gunn discusses the importance of reinvigorating the Englewood community not throuhg the displacement of people and families but working side by side with various interest be it the residents, developers or businesses to build a thriving sustianable community. 

Englewood Quality of Life : Community Arts and Safety

The Englewood Quality of Life Public Safety Taskforce has launched an on going series of creative intervention in hot spot areas for the last 6 weeks.  Stay tuned for partnership opportunities and full schedule.  

Department of Justice host Office Hours at Teamwork Englewood

The United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois have opened a civil pattern or practice investigation into the Chicago Police Department (CPD) to determine whether there are systemic violations of the Constitution or federal law by the CPD.

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