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How to Appeal Your Assessment

The Board of Review will process any pre-registration complaint form for review once the relevant township opens for filing during our 2012 session.  If you would like to file a pre-registration assessment complaint at this time, please use the above. 

The Board of Review has started its 2012 session.  During this session, the Board of Review will open each township in the County for a thirty-day (30) filing period.  During this filing period, the Board of Review will accept assessment complaints for property located in a designated township.

The Board of Review now has the ability to accept on-line appeals.  All property owners need to do is visit and follow the prompts.

Also, on Wednesday November 7, 2012, the Cook County Board of Review will host a property tax appeal forum at Kenwood Academy High School, located at 5015 S. Blackstone Avenue, at 6:30pm.

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