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Englewood Votes!

Teamwork Englewood is a proud partner of Englewood Votes!  - a non partisan effort to educate the community and change the perception that the Englewood community does not vote and thereby does not count.   We are encouraging every resident, community organization, institution, church, elected official and business to join us in this effort to increase voter registration and participation rates in Englewood.  

How can you become involved?   Commit to one or more of the following ways to participate:  1) Register to Vote  2) Become a Deputy Registrar  3) Host a Voter Registration Event 4) Attend an Englewood Votes! meeting or event.

Message to Registered Voters:  You may be in a new ward and precinct.  If you did not receive a new voters registration card in the mail, visit or call 312-269-7900 to check your status.

For more information on Englewood Votes ! contact 

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