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Rock the Beat: Jobs on the Block

This summer, the Englewood Quality of Life Public Safety Taskforce took to the streets to address the needs of some of the neighborhood’s most vigorous crime beats. “Rock the Beat”, promoted positive loitering, a strategy used by community members to let their presence be known.

On Thursday August 30th, “Rock the Beat” presented “Jobs on the Block”, a job fair. This was a result of a partnership with Resident Association of Greater Englewood (RAGE), and Cherice Price, the Teamwork Englewood Workforce Development consultant. Public Safety Taskforce and RAGE members welcomed nearly 400 community residents. Among the hiring businesses and companies were Cintas (Bedford Park and Chicago locations), Georgia Pacific, Chipotle (63rd Halsted and Oak Lawn locations), Cook DuPage Transportation, Cricket Wireless, Illinois Department of Employment (Resources), Elite Staffing, United Parcel Services (UPS), Seville Services, and Lyft.

The job fair took place at the RAGE headquarters on 66th & Union. "Jobs on the Block" served as a direct response to elements missing in the neighborhood. “We are repurposing the open space to bring in jobs and address the needs of the community. Normally, we would have beat parties, but people would always ask, ‘What about the jobs?’, well here you have it.” Asiaha Butler, EQLP Public Safety Taskforce Champion and President & Founder of RAGE.


Job seekers were encouraged to dress professionally and have their resumes. However, if they didn’t meet these recommendations, they weren’t left out. Thanks to a donation from Inner Voice, Inc., men had the opportunity to get a new suit to wear and keep for their interviews. Computers were available to print resumes and apply to jobs available from the employers.

Job fair attendees came for different reasons. They were either looking for a new job or to make a transition into a new career. As one attendee walked out the door, he stated, “This is just what I needed!” Community member, Chris Randle, a new UPS hiree shared, “They’re going to help me go back to school. I’d like to go into culinary arts. And down the line, I’d like to open my own restaurant. This makes the community better. This will provide the youth with more options. If they see this as an option in their community, they’re likely to do that than be involved in crime and violence.”

 To learn about future “Rock the Beat” events, check out the Englewood Portal calendar of events page.  

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