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[Youth Speak] I've learned more from"Englewood Codes" than coding

For the past few weeks, I have been involved in the Englewood Codes program, as an After School Matters youth participant. Our program instructor is Scott Steward, of Project Tech Teens, and Lynnette Hazzard of Teamwork Englewood. This coding experience has already been an enormous part of my life. I have learned several key steps to being successful and developing a better character. These are lessons that I will apply to my everyday life. I am more articulate, and have developed a strong stance in my beliefs, and I speak with confidence. This tells me, and shows others, that I am successful. My Englewood Codes experience has presented a huge opportunity, by introducing me to the tech field. A career in technology isn't the only career I want to pursue, but it is an option for my future success.

Englewood Codes can guarantee a person that they will learn something new everyday. One of the best lessons I learned was, "No idea is a bad idea". And let’s not forget, I’m learning how to code. Mr. Steward does a great job of making comparisons between the concept of coding and life. This helps us better understand it. Life is like coding, because you can program yourself with your own language; your brain is your operating system, your mindset is your script, your swagg is your design, and your flaws are your errors. 

Mr. Steward does a great job of using Hip-Hop music to teach our lessons. His lesson around teamwork was based on Jay-Z’s “4:44” album. In  the track called, “The Story of O.J”, Jay raps about how famed football star, O.J. Simpson, believed that his fame would not make him a target to injustices that most Black people in America faced. He would try to outshine his team mates. He may have even thought he was above the law. Mr. Steward showed us that this is no way to operate. And emerging coders, it’s a lesson that we have to consistently use, as we are working in groups to develop a mobile app. I was taught not to lead by example, but lead with your team, never leave a man behind; you know how the saying goes: “All for one, and one for all.”

Teamwork Englewood, Project Tech Teens, and After Schools Matters has made this coding program an exciting experience for me. It comes at a time when I have recently graduated from 8th grade, and onto a new phase in my life, high school. When I go off to college, I may possibly minor in a STEM related field. And in the future, I hope to have Google buy a product from my company. 



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