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Englewood Women's Intiative Kick Off

On Wednesday July 12th, 2017, the Englewood Women's Initiative hosted its kickoff at the Teamwork Englewood office. 

Despite of the torrential rain, we generated a great crowd that included potential applicants, Advisory Board members, sponsors, supporters, new advocates,  the curious, and the media.
Attendees are eager to get involved, learn new things, and even meet new people.
"This creates an opportunity to bring othgether people areound women who are moving in good circles." Chardonnay Peterson, kickoff attendee. She attended the event, bring along her best friend's mother. "I believe there will be positive women participating in this program. It's the type of crowd we all should be with."
Please check out the WBEZ recap, featuring Rosalind. 
For more information on EWI, and how to sign up, check out the EWI site.

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