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City of Chicago "Thrive Zones" Helps Englewood Thrive

The City of Chicago announced the 51 recipients of Thrive Zone inaugural class. There will be nine Engleood businesses benefiting from the initative. All nine businesses were a part of the "Englewood Thrive Zone Collaborative". 

 The Englewood Thrive Zone Collaborative is a gorup of independent business owners and entreprenuers seeking to leverage their "colelctive independence" by supporting each other in a unifying manner. Each member of the collective contributes their knowledge and expertise to enhance and support hte business effrots of hte entire collective. The overall objective of the collective is to enhance the viability of the Englewood community through business development and community engagement.

There are five core businesses in the Enlgewood Thrive Zone Collaborative:

  • Powell's Co-op Barbershop & College
  • Marie|Wesley
  • Ellie's Urban Grill
  • Englewood Kitchen

The Greater Englewood Community Development Corproation was a lead community partner. The Englewood Quality of Life Plan Jobs & Economic Development Taskforce, and Residents Assocation of Greater Englewood played an integral role in helping to faciliate the relationships between the independent businesses within the collaborative. 

 Here is a complete list of the 51 recipients. 

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