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EPAC Hosts Its Inaugural Meeting

It has been rumored that Englewood is ripe for development and investment. With the recent construction and increased popularity of Englewood Square, these rumors are coming to fruition. Englewood is a historic southside community, that has a legacy of once being a vibrant and economically stable community. However, due to divestment and population decrease, the community now has a reputation of violence and destitution. Despite the ailments that plague hte community, residents have mobilized and organized to create the Quality of Life plan, and EPAC is situated within that. 

"EPAC is to serve as a team of experts that will support the local ward offices that services the Englewood community on economic development that is most appropriate and sensitive to the needs of Englewood" Rosalind Moore, Program Director of Teamwork Englewood. 

There were thirty people in attendance, with representation from the City of Chicago Department of Planning & Development, the 16th, 17th, and 20th ward offices, Matanky Realty Group, McLaurin Development Partners, Redacre Solutions, JAQ Corporation, Antioch Community Social Services, Neighborhood Housing Services, Fresh Start Home Community Development Corporation, Whole Foods, Chicago Community Loan Fund, Camiros, LTD,  Ratio, DL3 Realty, and Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce. 

The EPAC's purpose is to fully inform the community about requests made for zoning changes and their potential impact. Determine the needs and best interests of those impacted by any changes. Effectively engage with the ward offices that represent the Englewood community.

"Over the years, many plans have been made about the Englewood community. Very few of them have been implemented, and no one knows where they are housed. For that reason, EPAC will be a data repository so these plans can be actualized" Leon Walker, EPAC Chairman and DL3 Realty, Managing Partner. 

EPAC is not a legal entity. EPAC is not a 501c3 and there are no fiduciary responsibilities. It has no decision-making powers on proposed projects. The committee is fully advisory, and will provide its content expertise on housing, urban planning & development, and investing, to support local aldermen when they assess zoning amendment applications.

 Teamwork Englewood is the manager of the Englewood QLP as well as the fiscal sponsor of the EPAC. Any questions should be referred to Nicole Johnson, EPAC Program Manager

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