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Englewood Codes Demo Day

On Monday, students from Bass Elementary and Nicholson Academy presented their mobile apps they created during the ten week afterschool program. 

"The Englewood Codes program is on the front lines of saving our kids by teaching them how to think, preparing them for careers in technology, and developing them to be productive in professional settings." says Scott L. Steward, Founder and CEO of Project Tech Teens. Project Tech Teens administered its project based learning curriclum to be incorporated within the overall Englewood Codes program. 

 Students covered how to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript while appropriating skills needed for success in college, careers and entrepreneurship. In addition to content instruction, youth received one-on-one mentoring on life-skills, and how to overcome obstacles in their lives. Students advocated for themselves by requesting indiviudal instruction to gain a better grasp of the content.

"We had approximinately 18 youth in the program. Over the course of ten weeks, we saw personal development and content based growth. Our students are sharp and used their experiences with phones and computers to aid their understanding of coding and how technology really works." Lynnette Hazzard Mentoring Program Coordinator. 

During the presentation, students dicussed their experience and how they plan to move forward with their newly developed skills. 

"The youth displayed an appetite for learning coding and basic data manipulation. Their involvement in using technology this way is a positive way they can enhance their social media experience." Michael Tidmore Youth Program Coordinator.

Students developed trivia apps with themes such as superheros, movies, and basketball. They exhibited their creativity and pride with app names such as "BASS-ball", to reference their school, Perkins Bass. Developing an app typically takes 2,000 hours, however, these scholars managed to complete the task in 12 hours. The apps were uploaded to the Android app store. Demo Day attendees were able to use chromebooks to interact with the apps. 

"It is an honor to work with such an amazing organization like Teamwork Englewood because they are so committed to improving the lives of the residents of the community. By Teamwork Englewood investing in tech-education with programs like Englewood Codes, it further demonstrates their commitment to their mission, particularly, the youth in Englewood and their future." Steward.

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