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Englewood Quality of Life Public Safety Taskforce “Rocks the Beat”!

 This week, the Teamwork Englewood Englewood Quality of Life Public Safety Taskforce, was awarded a $10,000 check from the Chicago Fund for Safe & Peaceful communities. The call was for projects to run or create a summer program that is designed to promote peace, build trust and strengthen relationships across ages. Funds ranged from $1,000 to as much as $10,000. Projects were encouraged to include seven proven field principles:

  • Recreate a sense of community
  • Provide access to ancient and modern technology
  • Provide a sense of connectedness
  • Provide opportunity to learn social & emotional skills
  • Increase self esteem
  • Provide an adult protective shield
  • Minimize trauma


 The QLP Public Safety Taskforce will implement “Rock the Beat”. The planned activities include, reclaiming vacant spaces in designated police beats and organizing block clean ups, distributing tool kits to start block clubs, creating youth block ambassadors, supporting the So Fresh Saturday series in the parks, drumming circles, barbecues, and creating a movie night/ mock drive-ins on the vacant spaces. Events will kick off the first week of June with “So Fresh Saturdays” and will go until the end of September. 

“Rock the Beat” is a massively collaborative effort across various Englewood community organizations: 7th District CAPS office, Target Area Development, Resident Association of Greater Englewood, Chicago Park District, Increase The Peace Englewood, Englewood Clergy Association, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK), Sons and Daughter of Englewood, Southwest Block Club Federation of Greater Englewood, PEACE Center, Original 6th Street Beach Drummers, Voices of West Englewood, and the Eartheart Foundation, State Rep Sonya Harper and the various alderman that govern the Greater Englewood area.


 “Our anticipated outcomes are to facilitate a deeper dive of community engagement block by block, in designated beats that experience the most criminal activities. We hope to decrease this activity after planning a variety of positive loitering strategies. We hope to support the creation of more block clubs, develop youth leaders as block ambassadors who may fall victims to violence, build relationships with residents to help them feel safer, and empower them with tools needed to sustain our strategies after the influx of activities” Asiaha Butler, President of Resident Association of Greater Englewood and QLP Public Safety Taskforce Champion.

For more information on the events and progress of “Rock the Beat”, follow these sites:

Teamwork Englewood and Resident Association of Greater Englewood.




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