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"Welcome to Englewood" Sign Unveiling

On Friday May 12th, The Englewood community unveiled its first “Welcome to Englewood sign”. It is located on the northwest corner of 63rd & Yale, near the Dan Ryan 63rd street exit. “The sign is all about welcoming you to a community that is thriving”,  Perry Gunn, Executive Director of Teamwork Englewood.

 The idea of a sign was made possible by the hardwork and dedication of a lifelong Englewoodian, Rashanah Baldwin. She took the time to speak with many residents across the community, and ask them what it was that they wanted to see. “I listened to my residents. I went on a listening tour. I went around and asked my residents "What do they want to see happen in this community with this fund from LISC Chicago?" One of the things they suggested was a landmark sign to express the good in Englewood to bring about beautification.”

 Rashanah Baldwin serves as a community leader, and birthed the idea of “Good in Englewood”. This sign is an extension of her work. She strives to show that Englewood’s character is beyond the depressing news we are constantly bombarded with on mainstream outlets. The overall goal is to place a sign at various key entry points throughout the community.   

The artwork of the “Welcome to Englewood” sign was created by Leonard “GLC” Harris. He is a two-time Grammy Award winning artist, native Englewoodian, and community activist. He played an integral role in ensuring that Dyett High School was an open enrollment art’s high school on the southside of Chicago.

There were various community organizations that helped make this possible. The Greater Englewood Community Development Center (GECDC) ensured that the lot was clean and available for the sign. Once it was decided that a sign would be created, the members of the Englewood Quality of Life plan voted on various art work.

 “Over the past year and a half, the stakeholders of Englewood have come together to create a Quality of Life Plan. We’ve been working really hard on a vision for a better community for us and everyone.The Englewood QLP came together and talked about the need of having a welcoming sign coming into the Englewood community. We want this to be the preeminent place on the Southside.  This sign is all about welcoming you to a sign that is thriving.”

The "Welcome to Englewood" landmark sign is funded through the Innovation Grant from Local Initiatives Support Corporation Chicago (LISC).

Check out the Facebook live footage here.

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