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Batter Up! Englewood Police Youth Baseball League!

This week marks the kick off for the Englewood Police Youth Baseball League. This is an amazing opportunity for both boys and girls to learn the basics of baseball, compete among a league of six teams, and form relationships with local police officers. Participants are between the ages of 9-12. Practice is held at Hamilton Park. 



Yesterday, nearly 60 young people participated in the season's first practice. Groups of 15-20 players were scattered across the field. Practice consisted of running sprints, throwing and catching drills. In the midst of the physical activities, the coaches made a consistent and intentional emphasis on comaderie and team support. Overheard were coaches' calls to "watch out for each out!"

In addtion to drills and playing baseball, the practices will include of a mentoring aspect.  Yesterday's practice focused on Violence Prevention. Click here for the schedule

To stay up to date with the EPYBL, check out our news section, or the EPYBL Facebook Page and website!

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