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Remembering Teamwork Englewood's Board Member Mr. Henry P. Wilson

Mr. Wilson, a life-long resident and respected community activist, was fondly referred to as the “Mayor of Englewood.” His love for the Englewood community was surpassed only by the love for his wife and family. He was a fixture at City of Chicago council meetings and could recite from memory the boundaries of every ward on the city’s South Side.

Mr. Wilson was also a great historian. He approached community development from an historical perspective. His philosophy for solving problems was to first determine where the problem began. Two of the issues he was most passionate about were the importance of accurate census bureau reporting and the elimination of vacant properties.

As an advisor to St. Bernard Hospital and many other community organizations, Mr. Wilson was the recipient of numerous awards.

He fittingly renamed the Southwest Federation Block Clubs of Englewood to the Southwest Federation Block Clubs of Greater Englewood in order to embrace both the Englewood and the West Englewood communities. Mr. Wilson extended leading support for renewing a vital and strong tax base in the New Englewood Village communities.

His efforts while chairman of the Englewood Conservation Community Council, established by the city in 1961, helped stakeholders shape a land-use plan for Englewood. Resources and non-profit investments for two new neighborhood facilities - Salvation Army’s Red Shield Center and Children’s Home and Aid Society – were a result of his corporate sector and Empowerment Zone efforts.

With his death our community has lost an immeasurable wealth of knowledge and one of our greatest champions. Mr. Henry P. Wilson (June 3, 1928 - May 4, 2016).

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