Englewood Women's Initiative Provides Pathway to Stable Jobs and Careers


 Women living in Englewood are eligible to participate in this FREE program.  The initiative is sponsored by Chicago Foundation for Women and is presented by the Quality of Life Plan, Jobs and Ecponomic Development Task Force through Teamwork Englewood.  Interested women can apply online  and register for the kick-off event here.

This initiative aims to track 50 or more Englewood women toward manufacturing and construction careers or entrepreneurship opportunities that put them on a path to earning $40,000 a year. Our primary goal is to increase the economic security of women, so that they can support their families, increasing their children’s chances for success, and contribute to the economic stabilization of their neighborhoods and communities.

We will achieve this through a collaboration of eight agencies providing a range of services –from financial coaching and job training to domestic violence counseling and legal aid– that take a holistic approach to addressing women’s unique needs.

Collaborators include:  ACCION Chicago, Chicago Women in Trades, Demoiselle 2 Femme, Family Rescue, Jane Addams Resource Corporation, Metropolitan Family Services, Teamwork Englewood and Women’s Business Development Center.

For more information, check out the Englewood Women's Initiative page.