Juan Salgado, CCC Chancellor, Comes to Kennedy King College in Englewood on First Day

Monday May 1st, 2017 marked the City of Chicago Chancellor, Juan Salgado's first day on the job. 

 He started the day at Olive Harvey College, and transitioned to hosting a press conference at Kennedy King College in the Englewood community. The press conference began by introductory remarks by a Kennedy King student. 

Mr. Salgado shared his vision for the community colleges in the midst of the overwhelming budget crisis. He ensured that regardless of hte financial circumstance, that the colleges would maintain a student centered approach to learning and development.

This is a time where City Colleges is undergoing significant changes in leadership. With the incoming Chancellor, there will be vacancies at Truman College, and Olive Harvey, and Kennedy King. At Monday's press conference, Salgado annouced the two interim presidnets for Truman and Olive Harvey. Dr. Shawn Jackson from Chicago Public Schools and Felicia Davis from the Office of the Mayor. Dr. Jackson, an African American male, is expected to train the next generation of educators, and create a diverse pipeline of educators leading to Chicago classrooms. Mr. Salgado cited a study that suggested that school drop outs among Black students decreased by 29%, when they had a Black teacher lack students who had a Black teachers in 3rd-5th, their chances of dropping out decreased by 39 percent.  


Felicia Davis comes to City Colleges as a new construction program will be initiated at Olive Harvey. She will be taking an active role in bringing the colleges to Springfield. Mr. Salgado remarked, "You know what we're going to do? We're going to bring the Latino and Black causes together by next before!"