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The December 5, 2017 Chicago Tribune headline stating "a new optimism grows" was a rarely-seen story title when reporting most activities in Englewood’s distressed community.  Headlines, images, and news reports often portray Englewood as a community in a constant state of challenges, chaos, and crises.

However, Englewood boasts a new synergy, a re-newed beginning in 2018 and beyond; a new headline reigns - “Englewood Rising”! And rising it is.

Rising with a re-energized sense of pride, Englewood residents are collectively creating, re-creating, building, re-building, renewing, and restoring a once vibrant community. Englewood is a socially congruent community now wrought with bolstering billboards bragging of a selective few resident “champions” who represent individuals committed to enhancing this new optimism.

A new optimism where mainstream media encourages and shares the countless untold favorable stories that permeate Englewood and other challenged communities.

 A new optimism defying and replacing the steady saturation of “If it bleeds, it leads” headlines with impactful images accurately reflecting a seriously engaged community that acknowledges, confronts, and strategically combats the challenges that create such headlines.

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Your donation anchors our commitment to serve, address, and enrich the collective needs of Englewood by supporting past and upcoming resident “champions” on their journey to bring positive notice to a new optimistic headline - “Englewood Rising!”