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African American Male Initiative

Teamwork Englewood uses the African American Male Initiative curriculum that was developed in partnership with United Way about seven years ago. This research based curriculum focuses on the positive development of African American male youth through building positive relationships with their families, peers and communities. It offers leadership development skills, self-esteem development and academic support.  Mentoring is the centerpiece of this curriculum where our team matches up a mentor with a mentee to help them become a contributing member of their community. Mentoring occurs on a one-to-one basis as well as in groups or smaller cohorts.  Sessions are held on a weekly basis at the designated location. In addition, field trips or other educational activities occur every other month or on weekends. 

The AAMI curriculum involves coding classes that teach youth how to build websites and phone apps, peace circles that focus on restorative justice principles, sports development, and life skill workshops such and career exploration, effective communication, decision making and resisting peer pressure.

Read our one pager for more information, or if you'd like to participate (as a mentor or a mentee), contact Michael Tidmore at or Lynnette Hazzard at or call (773) 488.6600.