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EQLP Business Plan Competition Guidelines

Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan Competition Guidelines 2017

 The priority placed on expanding Greater Englewood’s business profile by increasing the number of entrepreneurial enterprises is made clear by the adopted Englewood Quality of  Life Plan which includes broad goals of:

  •  Increasing the economic competitiveness of the revitalization area and Repositioning Greater Englewood as a vibrant activity center for Englewood and the south side of Chicago. 

As such, Walter Robb, businessman & philanthropist, is supporting the Englewood Quality of Life Business Plan Competition to be implemented through Teamwork Englewood, in collaboration with the Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce (GECC). The goal is to provide an incentive to small business owners and other entrepreneurs to create or expand businesses within the Greater Englewood area {See map}. These guidelines will be used by Teamwork Englewood and all others associated with the competition in reviewing and evaluating submissions for the competition. 

Submissions will be accepted on or before Friday October 6th, 2017.  Awards will typically be dispersed in 2 parts: 50% minus 2 year GECC membership dues and 50% after 90 days of implementation of your business plan. The availability of grant funds is based on continued authorization and funding of the program. 

Access full guidelines here.